Hitman: Blood Money Goes Gold

Blood money can come in many different forms… bills, coins, and yes… pure GOLD because Hitman: Blood Money is officially finished and all versions are ready for production! The latest installment of the popular Hitman franchise is coming your way May 30th, and with features such as the new Blood Money system which allows the characters in future environments to react to Agent 47 based on how well he previously kept out of the spotlight, Hitman: Blood Money is taking the franchise to a whole new level. With tons of different ways to complete each mission, take control, be innovative, and play the game the way that you want to. The time is coming near, and only two weeks remain until Agent 47 can be at your command, so if you haven’t done so yet… prepare to make a killing.

Hitman: Blood Money is set to ship May 30th in North America for the Xbox360, PS2, Xbox and PC.

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