Point and Click Adventure Heaven’s Hope Released


The life of an Angel is never easy, especially if they’ve accidentally crash landed on Earth. This is exactly what happened to Talorel, the Hero of Heaven’s Hope, the new point ‘n click adventure game from Eurovideo Medien and Mosaic Mask Studio.

Earth is a strange place, and the small, late 19th century English town of Heaven’s Hope is even stranger, as the fanatical nun Greta has reinstalled the Inquisition. Talorel will meet many charming characters and funny companions on his mission to get back to Heaven.

There are tons of riddles to solve in this 12-15 hour long adventure, featuring mini-games, a strong, optional player-aid system that will provide valuable clues and keep gamers informed on what’s going on. All of these features combine to make Heaven’s Hope an ideal game for all audiences, from pro-adventure gamers through to those new to the genre.

Heaven’s Hope will be available on February 25, 2016 on Steam for PC, and will be fully voiced in English with optional subtitles. The suggested retail price is $19.99, €17.99, £17.99 and comes with the digital art book featuring commentary from Mosaic Mask Studio’s Lead Artist Helge C. Balzer.


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