Hearts 2 Added To Prizes

Hearts of Iron 2, one of the most detailed World War II games ever created, has been added to the Game Industry News Prize pool.

"We like to offer prizes for our readers that are really top of the line, and Paradox Interactive was gracious enough to let us do this," said Nate Wooley, publisher of Game Industry News and Gameindustry.com. "For fans of either strategy games or World War II, this game is a must have title."

The game recently got a rare 5 GiN Gems review for being one of the most detailed strategy games on the market. With new graphics, an option of shorter battle scenarios and a reworked user-friendly interface, HOI2 beats even its predecessor.

Hearts of Iron 2 is the first game to be released under the new company name Paradox Interactive. Following a successful growth of the interactive business, developer and publisher Paradox Entertainment changed the company name.

The new entity will be handling all of the interactive business previously dealt with by Paradox Entertainment. Paradox Interactive will continue to build on their renowned franchises including Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings as well.

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