Hazardous Space 2D Survival Horror Explodes to Steam


Hazardous Space is a 2D survival game with RPG elements in the best traditions of roguelike games. The protagonist, a former military man, fights his way through hordes of zombies on a space station to find the exit. Tactics, dozens of weapons and combat skills will come in handy. Turn-based combat, powering up and the feeling of looming threat await!

The story unravels on a giant spaceship which was exploring deep space, but at one moment everything changed. The player must find out what happened and flee the station as soon as they can. Quest items, extra tasks and notes offer a compelling and dangerous investigations in different parts of the station.

Hazardous Space is full of turn-based tactical battles with a huge amount of weapon types. Start the game with a simple shiv or a pistol, and later get your hands on a Gatling laser cannon or a rocket hammer. The player can craft anything they need from spare parts and blueprints. Weapons, ammo, medkits, batteries – everything can be created using special workbenches scattered around Wanderer station.

Black Tower Entertainment is an indie game publisher that specializes in old school games with RTS and RPG elements.

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