Halo Board Game Released

The battle for supremacy begins — NOW. Genius Products, LLC and B1 Games today announced that the first-ever board game based on Microsoft Game Studios and Bungie's best-selling Halo property — Halo Interactive Strategy Game — has shipped to retail outlets nationwide. Bringing the Halo universe to a broader audience through numerous family-friendly features, the game features a modular board that can be reconfigured to create a virtually limitless gameplay experience. The Halo Interactive Strategy Game captures the edge-of-your-seat action and storyline of the video game as it gives players the chance to control UNSC Marine and Covenant forces in strategic battles for power.

Featuring original characters from the Halo video game, as well as new characters – including Kusunagi and The Prophet of Candor – the Halo Interactive Strategy Game pulls fan-favorite elements from Halo, Halo 2, and Halo 3 along with music from the video game's award-winning soundtrack. Additionally, the game features unseen exclusive DVD content to enhance game play.

In the game, players will command armies of three-dimensional collectible character pieces for multiple levels of play: Heroic for faster, more casual game play and Legendary for more strategic advanced gamers. Fans can follow storylines that expand the Halo experience in Campaign mode or go head-to-head in interactive battle sequences with Slayer or Capture the Flag modes. The battle options are endless with future add-ons of new adventures, vehicles, characters and weapons to expand the experience.

The Halo Interactive Strategy Game is suitable for ages 10+ and will be available at retailers nationwide.

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