Gundog Reaches Open Beta

Release the Hounds! The Open Beta for the dog-centric, third-person K9 shooter Gundog is now ready for action. But stay frosty – It’s a dog-shoot-dog world out there.

Published by OGPlanet and developed by Innoceed, Gundog deploys newly recruited pups and strays into a World War II-esque era that has gone to the dogs… quite literally! Set in a world populated by gun-toting canines, Gundog blends tactical, team-based, shooting mechanics with collectable card game elements (cards that give you unique Gundogs and skills), in a fun and strategic third-person shooter unlike any other.

As the Animal World War rages on, choose a side and join the fight between the Union and the Empire. Battle it out across a variety of game modes and maps from war-torn villages and train yards to army bunkers. Play as a Rifleman, Medic, Sniper, and more – and switch classes on the fly! Collect hundreds of unique Gundogs with game-changing skills, which are all rendered in a distinct cell-shaded-meets-comic-book art style.

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