Guitar Bots Takes Guitar Playing Social

Ovelin ltd. are proud to announce the release of social features to GuitarBots, taking their previously released guitar game to it’s the next level of development by turning guitar practice into a true online social gaming experience!

The updated GuitarBots includes new social features making it possible for aspiring and experienced guitarists alike to invite friends from existing social networks such as Facebook to compete with them in real-life guitar skills.

The motivational aspects of GuitarBots are reinforced by the introduction of a novel set of challenges (achievements) that reward, encourage, and inspire players to advance in certain areas of guitar-playing; examples are mastering a certain set of chords, playing a certain amount of notes, or practice frequency.

"Playing the guitar is a social activity above all; that is a missing link in the existing guitar learning products and services available until now, and GuitarBots will set new milestones and expectations from aspiring guitarists" . Says Christoph Thr, the CEO & Co-founder of Ovelin. "GuitarBots is the first service available that combines guitar learning, social networking and real-life guitar practice into one, fully featured package"

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