Grim Tranquility RPG Revealed

Poorly Timed Games, a progressive studio on a mission to create game experiences as unique and as diverse as the studio itself, announced today their maiden title, Grim Tranquility.

Grim Tranquility is a sci fi themed roguelike, tactics-based RPG that addresses the climate crisis and the unending existence of political corruption. Players face a diverging narrative, faction choices and real consequences as they rebel against a corrupt empire and take out or replace selfish leaders in high stakes boss fights. Players will forge humanity’s future on an alien world and fight bizarre creatures on procedurally generated battlefields. Initially armed with primitive earth weapons, they must work to upgrade their loadout, recruit new party members, overthrow powerful enemies and influence alien officials with bribes to receive pre-battle buffs, or ignore them and risk crippling penalties.

Poorly Timed Games has carefully assembled a prominent cast of VO actors who are representative of Poorly Timed Games values and the characters in Grim Tranquility, with Alexandra Gray (Empire, Transparent) providing voice for Grim Tranquility’s lead black transgender character Malva Clarke, Steve Blum (Shazam!, Mortal Kombat series) as Cataphor, Ray Chase (Evangelion, Final Fantasy XV, Nier: Automata) as Kendrick Fraser, Darin De Paul (Shazam!, Overwatch, Spider Man) as Xela Lloyd and Misty Lee (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Aggretsuko) as Admina Bander, Galactic Minister of Health, among others who will be announced soon.

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