Grey Dog Beefs Up College Football Game

Grey Dog Software, a Phoenix based developer of sports management simulation software for personal computers, today released an enhancement pack for its popular college football sim, Bowl Bound College Football. This update will come at no additional charge for existing BBCF owners. Here are some of the new feature enhancements for version 1.51:

*Adjusted the engine to reward better defensive teams than before.

*Improved the polls – Strength of schedule has been made more of a factor and the over results are more accurate.

*Improving the recruit pitch process – Now, you will get an email after you scout a recruit that gives some additional insight on his preferred pitch.

*Added inseason player development. Players will now develop during the season and you can check this on the roster (the checkbox for changes).

*Added inseason recruiting options. You also get an email every week with a home game from potential recruits that would like to visit.

*Added comments to gamelogs on things like bad passes, great catches, missed tackles, dropped passes"

*Added Hotkey support. You can now use ‘ and / to move up and down most grids. Also, if you mouse over a button, it may tell you a hotkey you can use instead. The ‘Yes'/'No' message box has this as do some of the offseason screens.

*Major overhaul on the option offense. Updated all AI gameplans to favor more runs, changed the engine logic to include more QB keepers.

*Added an "oldschool bowl" mode. If the initial setup is done this way, the game will rely exclusively on the conference matchups specified in the table. In this case, the national champion will be the team rated number 1 by the Coaches Poll.

*Added movement of teams between conferences. You can set it up in the game options – the choices are None, Low, Average and High.

For more information on Bowl Bound College Football, visit the official Grey Dog website at

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