Got Game To Publish Da Vinci's Secret

Got Game Entertainment LLC today announced a North American retail publishing deal for "Da Vinci's Secret", a classic style matching game for the PC.
Featuring an engaging storyline, original gameplay, and surprises at every turn, "Da Vinci's Secret" is a thrilling adventure for the mind. Scheduled for retail release September 2007 with a debut MSRP of $19.99 (USD), "Da Vinci's Secret" is rated "E" for Everyone by the ESRB.

More puzzling than the Mona Lisa's smile, "Da Vinci's Secret" takes you on a mind-bending tour of Europe as you seek clues to unraveling an earth-shattering secret hidden in the enigmatic artwork of Leonard da Vinci. As you scout clues in Da Vinci's notes, reveal hidden meanings, and unravel riddles that shelter the truth, your journey brings a mental challenge at each destination to taunt and tease the brain of even the best puzzlers.

With unlimited play, loads of brain-bending levels, bonuses, power-ups, and gorgeous full-screen graphics, "Da Vinci's Secret" will reveal itself only to the cleverest of puzzle fans.

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