GoNow Gaming Working To Develop UK into Esports Power Hub

GoNow Gaming is the hottest UK start up, promising to promote and develop the grass roots Esports scene in the UK. The GoNow Gaming vision is to put UK Esports on par with the current heavy weights of Asia and North America – before making the UK the Esports capital of the world.

Esports is almost a $1bn industry. However, the UK, the 6th largest gaming economy globally, has suffered from a heavy lack of investment. The UK market has been massively overlooked and as a result the talent in Asia and America has rapidly overtaken that of the UK.

This is evident when you look at the earnings tables for professional esports players. The UK has only 1 player out of the top 300. Fundamentally, GoNow Gaming has launched to fix that and readdress this imbalance.

Co-founder of GoNow Gaming Jonathan Black says, “Esports is without a doubt the future. When you realise that the $20m prize fund for the Dota 2 world championships was four times the size of Wimbledon, the most prestigious event in tennis, you realise how massive the industry already is.”

GoNow Gaming is looking to inject investment into the UK space by hosting online Esports tournaments every single day. Initially, there will be a guaranteed £1,000 minimum in prizes to be won each week. However, as they progress the prize funds will increase to over £5,000/week with the idea being that the cash generated from the tournaments will allow more UK gamers to focus on Esports full time. This in turn will help develop the overall quality of gamers in the UK and allow Esports to take its place amongst the traditional mainstream sports like football, tennis and golf.

GoNow Gaming is a console based platform, and is set to launch its beta product just before the summer. They’re offering a welcome bonus of a free £10 to the first 650 users that sign up to test their Beta platform. They are launching with FIFA as their first title, and in due course will add other mainstream titles such as RocketLeague and Call of Duty to their ever expanding platform.

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