Glyde Offering Charity Donations On Game Sales

Glyde, a remarkably simple online marketplace for buying and selling video games, DVDs, CDs and books, has found a way to make donating to charities simple too. In this challenging economy, many consumers are looking for ways to give that don't involve writing a check, so Glyde developed an easy-to-use, in-kind fundraising program where donations are made in used goods instead of money.

There is more than $300 billion of used media gathering dust on peoples’ shelves while its value depreciates to zero, and well over $25 billion is used video games. Now gamers can help someone in need just by trimming down their game collections.

It takes just 10 seconds to donate an item, type in the name of any 501(c)(3)charity and check a box to donate all or some of the proceeds to that charity. Once the item has been sold, Glyde sends a stamped, pre-addressed envelope to the donor's home. Buyers can support their favorite causes by shopping for pledged items, getting a great game at a bargain price. Glyde, in turn, cuts a check to the organization.

"Doing good has never been so easy," said Simon Rothman, CEO of Glyde. "We know that gamers have big hearts and we’ve created a painless way to turn the stuff they don't want into cash for charities."

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