GameUniverse To Make Games For

GameUniverse, a division of eUniverse, Inc. (OTC: EUNI) will be the exclusive content provider for GoGames, a new content area on, an online portal operated by the Walt Disney Internet Group. GameUniverse will develop and operate GoGames, a co-branded platform for a diverse pay-for-play gaming offering that will be accessible from the homepage.

"Through this arrangement, visitors to will be able to play some of the Internet's most popular games in either a deluxe or skill based mode," stated GameUniverse head Justin Beckett. Available titles include Diamond Mine, BookWorm, QBZ and Mini-Golf.

"We are pleased with GameUniverse's experience and titles and look forward to working with them," said George Grobar, vice president, Walt Disney Internet Group. "Online gaming is popular and growing and this is a terrific new offering for our visitors."

Online gaming represents a thriving sector of the Internet. Datamonitor reported that online game revenue will increase at a rate of 138 percent between 2000 and 2005, and online game revenue will exceed $5.5 billion by 2008. Research group DFC Intelligence predicts that there will be 114 million online gamers by 2006 and the total number of online games played will reflect a six-fold increase over current activity levels.

"We continue to seek the highest quality distribution for our gaming services," said Justin Beckett, head of GameUniverse. "We are working very closely with the team at to develop specific gaming offerings around the needs of's multi-million user base."

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