GameTap To Host URU Live MMORPG

"Uru Live" lives! GameTap, the broadband entertainment network from Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. (TBS, Inc.), is reviving the online foray of "Myst," one of the most popular adventure series ever created. As part of GameTap's bold new initiative, the "Uru Live" game and community will be available to GameTap subscribers later this year as part of their monthly subscription.

"Uru Live" is the online multiplayer version of "Uru: Ages Beyond Myst," which was developed by Cyan Worlds. Extensively beta-tested in 2003, "Uru Live" spawned an avid community of players, many of whom have kept unofficial sites up and running ever since. With the advent of broadband gaming, there is a whole new medium and a ready audience for this revered title. Unlike its predecessors, the new worlds of "Uru Live" are dynamic and alive, making use of real-time 3D rather than still images to bring players together online to explore incredible new worlds. To keep "Uru Live" even more fresh and challenging, GameTap and Cyan will update the game with new episodic content on a regular basis.

"The epic journey to D'ni will begin anew this holiday season on GameTap," said Stuart Snyder, GameTap's General Manager. "We are bringing back ‘Uru Live' with new episodes, intriguing new worlds to explore, and a host of fresh features. ‘Uru Live' was ahead of its time, and now that technology has caught up with this visionary game, GameTap and Cyan are teaming up to bring it into the bold new world of broadband entertainment."

"Uru Live" is part of the popular "Myst" series created by Rand and Robyn Miller. Selling more than 12 million units, it was the top-selling video game franchise of the 1990s. In fact, it is credited with creating a whole new genre of games, the first-person adventure-puzzle game.

"Uru Live" will join the more than 500 on-demand video games and 300 streaming video channels now available on GameTap.


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