Games Needed For Injured Soldiers

BizDev, Inc. and Kohnke Communications are working in conjunction with the Armed Services YMCA this holiday season to provide wounded soldiers with entertainment.

The soldiers at Naval Medical Center, San Diego (Balboa) are recovering from injuries related to their service in Iraq and Afghanistan. A significant number of Marines have recently arrived in the hospital to recover from injuries received in Fallujah.

Their recoveries, and subsequent waiting periods, can be a long process. Therefore, the hospital has enthusiastically welcomed the idea of receiving consoles and games this Christmas. These are intended to entertain soldiers as they recover from their injuries.

They have already received 40 donated televisions, and now we are putting out a call to the games industry for the following equipment:

* Up to 20 game consoles (PS2 or Xbox)

* Up to 40 cordless controllers and batteries (many soldiers are bedridden,
so cords aren't practical)

* And up to 200 games for these folks to play!

These will be permanently installed in hospital rooms so that soldiers can enjoy them in the coming years.

Even one console, controller, or game is a very welcome gift to the troops.

Also, the donations are tax deductible, as the Armed Services YMCA has 501c3 certification. We can arrange for your company to receive acknowledgement of your gift if you would like.

If you are able to donate consoles, controllers and/or games to the wounded soldiers, please e-mail and specify the product you are able to donate.

In order to eliminate possible duplication, we will provide further instructions regarding donation once we receive your e-mail.

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