Game Shows Untold WWII Warsaw Uprising Bravery


Made in Poland coming from the local indie development team DMD Enterprise Uprising 44 offers a unique combination of third-person shooter and real-time strategy action, backed by an immersive, previously untold story.

Uprising 44 brings gamers closer to the stories of struggles of civilians and insurgent forces against the Nazi aggressor. It is a universal tale of heroism, patriotism and heroic struggle of inhabitants of a city occupied by Nazi troops. The whole story is set in 1944 during an outbreak of one of the largest guerrilla operations in World War II – the Warsaw Uprising.

TPS and RTS gameplay modes are smoothly switched depending on the development of the game action. In TPP mode the player is the commander of a four-person party ‘ The Silent Shadows. With the tactical command system, he can command both the entire squad, as well as its individual members. The advanced AI of the soldiers allows for a tactical game, where an order may be given to an individual soldier, depending on the situation, or a game with activated ‘Auto-behavior’ mode, where the player controls only his own hero and members of the squad act according to their own assessment of the situation.

The RTS mode has been skillfully woven into the game and creates a coherent whole with the TPP mode. In certain moments of the storyline, the player is given the opportunity to command a significant number of troops, using binoculars. Depending on the place where the player in the TPP mode is, he has a view of the action field; it is entirely up to him whether the area of RTS mode is sufficiently transparent and facilitates activities of his troops.

Both modes use the same gameplay mechanism, the cover system, ballistics and tactical orders, therefore intuitive approach learned in one of them will allow for using the same tricks in the second one.

Uprising 44: The Silent Shadows will be available as a special extended edition as a physical box version with several bonus content and optimizations in Q1 2013.


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