Frontline: Road To Moscow Now Available

Frontline: Road To Moscow
Frontline: Road To Moscow

From developer 88mm, Frontline: Road to Moscow puts the players in command of the mighty German army in 1941. By carefully combining their land, naval and aerial forces, the players will fight their way through the huge territory of the Soviet Union in 12 breathtaking scenarios based on historical battles. A wide variety of tactical situations, ranging from capturing an armored convoy to recovering important documents will put the players in very different situations. Unit customization, special abilities and upgrades will help them building an army able to survive on this hellish front. The road to Moscow is full of obstacles and ambushes so only the best tacticians will have the opportunity to reach the gates of the Soviet capital!

Supported by a unique and eye-catching UI, Frontline: Road to Moscow is the perfect entry point to the wargaming world. It provides an unprecedented content/price ratio with 12 complete scenarios for only $2.99. Commanders who are looking for a longer journey in the Russian steppes will be able to access to 2 extra packs composed of 9 scenarios and various unique units for only $1.99 each.


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