Fourth Wall Breaking RPG Glitched Gets Demo

Indie publisher Digerati and developer En House Studios are excited to announce GLITCHED. A wild RPG full of fourth-wall breaking fun, GLITCHED will launch first on PC in Q3 2021, with versions for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One following early next year.

GLITCHED follows the story of Gus, an average NPC thrown into the role of hero when the appearance of mysterious glitches threatens the existence of his video game world. As he sets out on his adventure, he becomes aware of an invisible presence – you, the player!

With a vast world to explore, a myriad of secrets to discover, hundreds of characters to meet, countless choices to make, thousands of lines of dialogue, and the chance for player and character to form a deep bond, GLITCHED offers an extensive and immersive RPG experience.

GLITCHED is part of the Steam Next Fest, and a demo is available to download now from the game’s store page.

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