First Alamo Augmented Reality Product Ships

Experience Real History has released the first in a series of interactive AR products that give users the power to visit the Alamo as it was in 1836 through an unparalleled union of historical scholarship and technology. The Experience Real History: Alamo Edition products, available now on Amazon, include an AR-enabled Reality Board (2 sizes), and interactive AR trading cards featuring key figures in history who “come to life” in 3D, with full 360-degree animation when used with the free card app.

Using a smartphone or tablet and a free mobile app, the 3D Augmented Reality Board allows audiences to launch their own 3D animated diorama and immerse themselves in history like never before. Users have the ability to create their own personal journey of the Alamo, watching the epic battle unfold from different angles and proximities through stunning 3D photoreal recreations, and discovering untold stories along the way. The Reality Board is designed to be both fun and educational for ages 9-adult.

The colorful, two-sided Experience Real History: Alamo Edition AR Trading Cards provide interesting facts about Alamo defenders such as James Bowie, William Travis, and David “Davy” Crockett, and Mexican Army Generals Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and Martín Perfecto de Cos, among others. Users can bring these figures to life in 3D and learn more about them, by using the free mobile app included with each card set. Several of the cards work as “duos”, providing additional experiences when two cards are launched side by side.

Augmented reality makes time travel possible by using new reality boards and trading cards with smart phones or tablets that bring history to life. These resources provide an interactive window that doesn’t just tell a story, but also shows it with accurate, photorealistic reconstructions. It’s like a living textbook where users will see and hear the battle as a narrator explains the saga taking place before their eyes.

“Experience Real History is utilizing technology to bring history to life in an accurate and engaging way. This is especially important in capturing the attention of younger audiences,” said Michael McGar, President of Experience Real History™. “We’re at the forefront of creating how history is shared for future generations.”

McGar added, “Experience Real History products and our stand alone mobile app, can be enjoyed anywhere in the world. We wanted people to be able to explore and learn about Alamo history no matter where they live. The creation of augmented reality products has enabled us to do this so that people across the globe can enjoy this new means of storytelling and exploration.”

The new Experience Real History: Alamo Edition offerings include:
• 3 Card Collector’s Random Card Pack – Includes 3 AR experiences (AR Cards available: David Crockett, Martin Perfecto De Cos, Santa Anna, Jim Bowie, William Barret Travis, Sarah, 6 lb. Cannon).

• Collector’s Reality Card Set – Includes 7 AR experiences (David Crockett, Martin Perfecto De Cos, Santa Anna, Jim Bowie, William Barret Travis, Sarah, 6lb Cannon). The set also includes an 8-page Alamo Edition guidebook.

• Limited Edition Augmented Reality Mini-Board and Card Set – Includes 11 AR experiences (7 card experiences: David Crockett, Martin Perfecto De Cos, Santa Anna, Jim Bowie, William Barret Travis, Sarah, 6lb Cannon; and 4 Alamo scenes). The set also includes an 8-page Alamo Edition guidebook. The Limited Edition includes a 6”x 8” mini-reality board and a set of ear buds for audio.

• 3D Augmented Reality Board Set – Includes 17 AR Experiences, a larger 12×18” Reality Board featuring 17 Alamo scenes and an Alamo Edition Guidebook

Prices range from $8.99 – $34.99.

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