FIFA and EA Sports to Go Out With A Bang in FIFA 23

When it comes to the complex and competitive world of football gaming, there has only been one release for the majority of football fans in the UK and beyond.

FIFA has set the blueprint for all football games the world over, with the product evolving from a single-player operation in homes up and down the land, through to a global sport, that now yields significant audiences and viewing figures.

Whilst competition has always been there for FIFA and EA Sports, their revolutionary approach to sports gaming and betting, particularly in terms of gameplay and realism, has set the benchmark not just across football games, but plenty of other sports too. As ever though, all good collaborations do tend to come to an end and it was announced that FIFA 23 would be the last game created by FIFA and EA Sports in conjunction, with both organizations set to go their own way from the 2024 incarnation of the game and beyond.

Inevitably, this drew widespread grief for football gaming fans, with FIFA having seen off the likes of Pro Evolution Soccer, to become the biggest selling sports game of all time and the army of followers remain as loyal today as ever.

The acrimonious split however, only served to ultimately remind fans of just how influential FIFA is on the modern game and how much it has moved the goal posts, in the sports gaming world. FIFA 23 is set for release at the end of September 2022 and once again as per BritishGambler, both EA Sports and FIFA look to have encapsulated the hearts and minds of football gaming fans the world over.

One of the key innovations for FIFA 2023 is the huge level of inclusivity being shown within the game, marking a real development in sports gaming. All major women’s football leagues across the world are available through a range of gameplay modes in FIFA 23 and Australia and Chelsea superstar Sam Kerr is the flagship
player on the front cover.

With the Lionesses enjoying success at Euro 2022 for England, the women’s game is more advanced than ever before and once again, EA Sports and FIFA have shown they have their fingers on the pulse by riding the crest of the wave of popularity within the game.

In addition to the inclusivity and progression being shown by EA Sports and FIFA in 2023, the usual graphic upgrades are available to players, making the sense of realism in the game more heightened than ever before, whilst plenty of tweaks have been made to the
gameplay element too.

With FIFA and EA Sports opting to go their separate ways after this release, there was trepidation in some quarters as to whether FIFA 23 would hit the mark. It seems however, that this last collaboration between the two giants of the sports gaming industry, could arguably be their best ever.

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