Fast Draw Showdown Comes To Wii

Digital Leisure Inc. a leading developer and publisher of interactive video-based titles and console games, announced today the launch of Fast Draw Showdown, designed exclusively for Nintendo's WiiWare game service.

When it comes to fast draw there're only two types of people: the quick"and the dead! Now you have the chance to find out where you stand, or lie, as the case may be. You'll go up against the best quick draws in the business, including one of the world's fastest, Wes Flowers.

Unholster your Wii Remote and show'em who the fastest draw really is, in this live action shooter — a first for the WiiWare service! Once you've mastered your shootin' skills, take on all your friends to see which of you really has the quickest draw.

You'll need some serious speed and awesome accuracy to take on these gunslingers"so get ready for some real fast draw action!

Fast Draw Showdown is available today in North America and later this month in Europe, exclusively on WiiWare for 500 Wii Points.

Nintendo trademarks are used under license. WiiWare is available only through the Wii console.

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