Everspace 2 Update Movie Shows off New Drone Tech

Drones are coming to EVERSPACE 2 in droves. While they were used in the original game due to budget constraints, they are being modified and improved for EVERSPACE 2 by choice.

According to developer Rockfish Games:

If you have played the original EVERSPACE you may have noticed that drones were more of a ‘thing’ than in any other (space) game. Due to our limited budget back then, we could not afford to create a plethora of high-detailed enemy spaceships. However, having a lot of opponents with a broad range of behaviors was paramount to keep things interesting, especially for a roguelike. So, coming up with many types of different drones was the way to go.

While we now have a bigger budget for EVERSPACE 2, we still like the concept of throwing even more enemy types with all sorts of capabilities at you while keeping our production costs at bay.

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