Esports Betting What to Look for and What You Need to Know

Esport is on the rise. Esport has existed for more than 20 years but the past 10 years it has been growing a lot. League of Legends and CS:GO has become two of the main games for online entertainment in the western part of the world, which has made it so that the industry is beginning to be a bigger part of society. The institualization of Esport is on the rise, where schools and sport teams are starting to offer special training and classes for games. 

The rise of Esport has also made it more popular to bet on gaming. Esports betting is a lot of fun and you can have increased tension and excitement at all times because Esport is played every day at all times of the day. This article wants to shed some light on Esports betting and it all starts by picking the right bookie. Go to AllGambling for gambling sites that are approved and licensed and acclaim your bonus.  

Licensed gambling sites offer more options 

First of all, when betting on Esports it is important to pick a licensed bookmaker. For that matter it is important when you bet on anything to pick a licensed bookmaker. The advantages can’t be ignored and licensed bookmakers protect their users and playerbase way more than an unlicensed would. This means that you won’t get scammed and you don’t put yourself in an awkward situation, where you might get cheated. 

Form is everything is Esports betting 

When it comes to betting on Esports – especially on shooters – form is everything. What is meant, when ‘form’ is being mentioned is the momentum of their games. If a team has won a lot of games in a row and their play is beginning to look on point that is often when the risk of them losing is low. Therefore, when looking for Esport bets, you gotta consider their form before putting money on the line. 

Look for the odd pick 

Odd picks are great for Esport. Especially when you consider that there are so many team out there and they meet each other all the time. Sometimes in Esports the odd pick is often the best pick – especially when it comes to value – this can be taken advantage of. But remember nothing is set in stone and therefore you also need to be careful when playing the odd pick. It is a risk and reward game.

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