End Of World 2012 Game In Development

Today World Domination Industries, Inc. ("WDI") announced the development of the video game titled 2012 Invasion. Based on the popular Mayan calendar mythos prophesying the end of the world, 2012 Invasion is set to launch in late 2010 on consoles and the PC.

2012 Invasion is the first in a series of games to be developed by WDI in which the human race faces the greatest threat to its existence at the hands of a returning alien race first encountered by the Mayans in 644 AD.

2012 Invasion is designed as an immersive game experience playing out over large, expansive environments rendered by a powerful custom engine capable of rendering large numbers of players and non-players characters (NPC) to interact and battle with. NPCs are able to learn and grow while banding together with real players in order to take on an enemy that is smarter than those in any video game to date.

"This game is the first title to showcase WDI's advanced AI technology. The engine we have developed for the 2012 titles has been years in the making and this game is the perfect springboard for us to express our efforts", said Sharam Rouhani, Technical Director for WDI. "The actions of our characters are not scripted. Each character has their own life, evolving experience and personality, providing behaviors that are realistically reactive to in-game situations."

WDI was founded in early 2009 by a team of engineering and creative game veterans with the goal of developing "massive" game worlds with intuitive AI. WDI's singular focus is to build the next generation of AI technology that will allow for enormous battlefields and hardcore realism. Information about 2012 Invasion can be found at: www.2012invasion.com.

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