Emerging Entertainment Turns One

Emerging Entertainment, a leading Singapore developer, is celebrating its first anniversary by talking about its latest project, Troll & Armor. EE's newest title is a next-generation fantasy action-adventure game for PC and console. While working on this project EE has also expanded its team to bring in the finest artists and programming talent Singapore and the south east Asia Region has to offer as well as experienced team members from overseas.

Troll & Armor is a cross-genre action adventure game that mixes in elements from several other types of games. The title revolves around guiding companion characters through puzzles, managing resources, and claiming territories. Meanwhile the main character must fend off angry monsters in fast paced action sequences. Troll & Armor is currently slated for release in March of 2009.

"I am extremely proud to be able to announce this flagship project for our studio. Troll & Armor will be an action oriented game that anyone can easily pick up and play while still having great strategic depth," said Cornel Hillmann, Managing Director of Emerging Entertainment. "Our studio has poured itself into this game and I have no doubt it will be a huge hit. As we celebrate our 1st anniversary and I see our growing stable of talent and their hard work I know we are creating something truly unique."

Emerging Entertainment (EE) was founded in 2006 by Cornel Hillmann. With a background in 3D Animation the next-gen consoles provided him the power and the innovation he needed to take his previous art to the next level. EE was first established by merging the art team from his animation company with technical team members from a well known game developer. In late 2006 the production was moved to Singapore after a shareholder-decision to access Asia's talent pool and to take advantage of Singapore dynamic media environment.

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