E3 Expo: PowerA Releases Console Tournament Controller

PowerA today announced the unveiling of the precision FUS1ON Tournament Controller at the E3 Expo. Gamers can amplify their skills and rise above the competition with this new tournament-legal controller. PowerA consulted with active tournament gamers to ensure that the FUS1ON controller exceeds the standard of even the most demanding pro gamer.

"Professional gamers and gamers who simply want to be the best know that every advantage counts," said John Moore, vice president of product development and marketing for PowerA. "We worked alongside pro gamers from the very beginning of the development process to get real-life insights into design, aesthetics and play control. After extensive testing and rounds of refinement on each individual element, we designed a brand-new, best-in-class controller from the ground up. With the PowerA FUS1ON Tournament Controller, every gamer can now have that competitive edge."

The FUS1ON Tournament Controller represents the top-of-the-line offering from PowerA, who has become known for its line of high quality and innovative controllers.

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