Dynamic Deckbuilder Sigil of the Magi Launching Soon on Steam

Developer Yongjustyong has announced that their dynamic deckbuilder Sigil of the Magi is set to launch on September 28, 2023 on PC via Steam. Sigil of the Magi blends roguelike deckbuilding with turn-based combat for a deep tactical experience. In Sigil of the Magi, players craft custom decks that vary with each run. Each playthrough allows players to take on powerful enemies, make impactful decisions in random encounters, and grow more powerful as your champions move through unique maps that differ with each and every game.

Sigil of the Magi’s Key Features:

• Control unique champions – Each champion comes with their own set of cards and passive abilities that require you to play to their strengths and take advantage of synergies that can mean the difference between victory or defeat in battle. Choose a premade faction or mix and match available champions to suit your playstyle.

• Collect treasures – Valuable gold, powerful relics, and additional cards can be earned through exploration and combat. Each provides powerful benefits throughout gameplay and can affect the entire party.

• Battle increasingly difficult enemies ¬ Travel through dynamic maps as you take on progressively difficult foes in exciting, turn-based combat that continually introduces new challenges the further you manage to progress.

• Create synergistic strategies ¬ Build your deck thoughtfully. There are myriad strategies to try, but each starts with a cohesive set of cards and careful choices as you add to your deck and upgrade your arsenal throughout gameplay.

• Make impactful decisions – From the route you take to the enemies you fight to your choices during surprise encounters, each decision you make can change the outcome of your run. Every playthrough is different, so the possibilities are endless.

Sigil of the Magi is currently in Early Access and is set to launch on September 28, 2023 on PC via Steam.

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