Dungeonland Releases New Costume Based DLC

Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games and a purchaser of souvenir photos, today released details on the evolution thus far of Dungeonland, the mostly-co-op action title from Critical Studio. Dungeonland, which has received a long list of gameplay tweaks and bizarre adventurer costumes since launch, continues to create DM tricks, silly costumes to force upon players’ hapless avatars, and a horde of behind-the-scenes tweaks on a regular basis. These alterations continue to lure unwary heroes inside the park where they will have so much fun that they won’t realize their best skills have been nerfed until it’s too late.

Dungeonland is a cooperative action game that sends three players to a theme park just for heroic adventurers, surviving relentless hordes of friendly staff and stealing loot from all of the gift shops. Since the game’s launch in early 2013, Dungeonland has been carefully altered and expanded by the Dungeon Maestro and his minions at Critical Studio.

"New language options, cheaper perks, Mimics who won’t bite you more than once each ‘ it’s really amazing how much work goes into keeping my theme park open every day," said the Dungeon Maestro, director of corporate defenestrations at Paradox Interactive. "I’ve even cut down on some of the grinding, so heroes can have their precious little abilities unlocked sooner. The actual grinder where I put their bodies, though, that part’s still there. I mean, can you imagine? Like I have room for all those corpses in here."


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