DreamCatcher Ships Dungeon Lords

DreamCatcher Games, an award-winning publisher of PC and Console games, today announced D.W. Bradley's Combat RPG, Dungeon Lords, has shipped to retailers across North America.

Dungeon Lords blends the depth of an epic Fantasy RPG with the flexibility of an FPS-style control system. Gamers journey through a hugely expansive land of wilderness, towns, dungeons and crypts and engage in real-time tactical combat with a variety of foes including snake women, deceitful goblins and mischievous skeletons. Players must carefully master Arcane, Celestial, Rune and Nether magic, as well as wield hundreds of powerful weapons, in order to defend the kingdom.

"DreamCatcher is excited to send Dungeon Lords out to retail," said Byron Gaum, Product Manager for Dungeon Lords. "We appreciate the support and patience of D.W. Bradley's fans, and we're confident they will be happy with the result."

With upwards of 40 hours of gameplay, the game features an abundance of personal missions and quests. Players may customize an extensive variety of skills and special abilities for the hero, including race and class specializations. Players will choose from seven playable races comprised of humans, elves and dwarves as well as a number of non-human "demi-goth" races including the Urgoth, Wylvan, Thrall, and Zaur. The simple and intuitive design will suit RPG and action fans alike and supports cooperative multiplayer for up to eight players.

Dungeon Lords is designed, written and developed by award-winning computer game author, D.W. Bradley (Wizards & Warriors and three of the legendary Wizardry titles) and Heuristic Park, Inc., The game has an ESRB Rating of ‘T' for Teen and retail price of $39.99 USD. The game will ship to European territories in May with a ’12+PEGI.'

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