DJ Rivals Games Move To Android

Booyah’s Nightclub City DJ Rivals, the first rhythm-based role-playing mobile game, is available now for Android devices. The wildly popular app Nightclub City DJ Rivals is now one of the first mobile games to cross platform barriers, enabling gamers to battle friends on Android and iOS platforms. While in the arena, DJ Rivals players on Android devices can go head-to-head with their iOS rivals in a finger-tapping adventure that blends elements of the real and virtual worlds.

Using location-based GPS technology, Nightclub City DJ Rivals includes an expansive multiplayer mode where players can battle with friends and foes at real world locations to earn "King of the Hill" bragging rights and rewards. Gamers can become the resident DJ at their favorite local hotspots like restaurants, retail stores, theaters and nightclubs to earn cash from other Nightclub City DJ Rivals players.

"Following the success of MyTown on iOS and Nightclub City on Facebook, we are very excited about our first game on Android," said Brian Cho, director of business development, Booyah. "Mobile is the new frontier for gaming and we see a tremendous opportunity for DJ Rivals on the rapidly growing Android platform."

Nightclub City DJ Rivals is a unique extension of Booyah’s wildly popular Facebook game, Nightclub City, which has proven to be a viable music discovery medium and marketing platform for music artists. Since opening its doors in April 2010, more than 20 million active players have joined Nightclub City and experienced an immersive game that blends real-world music from a variety of independent and established artists.

Booyah’s Nightclub City DJ Rivals is now available as a free download on both Android and iOS platforms.

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