Digerati Launches A Slew of Indie Games For Switch

Indie publisher Digerati is ending the year with a bang by launching six new titles on Nintendo Switch. All the games in the hexcellent line-up are available to download now from the Nintendo eShop and come with various discounts for a limited time.
The list of newly-released titles is as follows:

• Blacksea Odyssey (EU version out now. NA version coming 3 Jan)

• Pipe Push Paradise

• Omega Strike

• Digerati Indie Bundle: INK & HackyZack

• Uncanny Valley

• The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human

The line-up represents a richly diverse selection of original indie gaming experiences, from intergalactic monster hunting (Blacksea Odyssey) and plumbing-based puzzles in the sun (Pipe Push Paradise), to colorful skill-based ‘splatforming’ (INK) and atmospheric underwater exploration (The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human).


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