Deluxe Cafe Opens on Android

Leading publisher NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., today announced the release of Deluxe Cafe on the Android mobile platform. Deluxe Cafe gives players of all ages an opportunity to create a successful bakery of their own, complete with customized furniture, cooking ingredients and interior design elements, ensuring a massive amount of content to explore. Players can craft customized recipes, acquire and arrange charming furnishings and cook delicious dishes to create a successful restaurant business. The Deluxe Cafe app is free to download on Google Play, with additional content available through in-app purchases as well as incentivized downloads through Tapjoy.

‘With its enticing free download and refreshingly approachable gameplay, all Android owners can take on the role of successful restaurant business owner,’ says, James Kucera, Head of Mobile, NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. ‘In little time, Deluxe Cafe players of all ages can become mobile entrepreneurs, selling custom confections like hotcakes and baking pastries to make some dough.’

Featuring colorful graphics and a selection of more than 240 custom items, with new items being added every week, Deluxe Cafe draws players into a new restaurant business that they can call their own. From furniture pieces to customizable menu items, players can create a restaurant that directly reflects their tastes. Players can also visit cafes run by other restaurateurs and send gifts to them to inspire friends to make the most of their caf’ creation. With full support for Facebook, players can share their experiences on the game’s dedicated website and Facebook page for the chance to earn extra currency and share screenshots of their amazing restaurants. These items can be obtained through in-game achievements, or redeemed by purchasing the in-game currency. The multitude of items can be purchased through COINS, which are rewarded through playing, and GEMS, which are acquired through in-app purchase, leveling up or through incentivized downloads via Tapjoy, the customized app recommendation platform that rewards users for watching videos, subscribing to services or downloading other apps.

Deluxe Cafe will also feature events starring popular NAMCO BANDAI Games characters like PAC-MAN. Fans can even access a huge variety of character-themed special items and cooking decorations which can only be found in Deluxe Cafe.

Deluxe Cafe is available now for free on the Android platform through Google Play, and is coming soon on iOS through the App Store.

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