Deck Building Sigil of the Magi Game Releases Demo

Indie developer yongjustyong and publisher The Iterative Collective are excited to announce that their tactical deckbuilder Sigil of the Magi will have a playable demo at Steam’s “Going Rogue: A Festival of Persistence” festival. Set to enter Early Access on Steam in Q3 2022, Sigil of the Magi blends roguelike deck building with strategic, turn-based combat for an ever-evolving tactical experience.

You control a party of three champions and traverse through procedurally generated maps, encountering battles and events along the way. Every encounter offers an opportunity to build up your deck of powerful skill cards unique to each champion. Progress through evolving maps, earn formidable cards, and acquire influential relics through battle and mysterious encounters as you journey to obtain the secrets of the Magi.


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