D’Avekki Studios Unveils Trailer for Their Upcoming Supernatural Mystery Murderous Muses

Indie developers D’Avekki Studios are thrilled to unveil the trailer for Murderous Muses, their infinitely replayable whodunit which launches on Steam, Xbox and Playstation on April 12th.

Murderous Muses challenges players to outsmart a haunted art gallery to solve a sinister murder. Unlike most narrative games, Muses can be played again and again, and features procedurally generated galleries, puzzles and murders that can only be solved by deduction.

As well as peeling back the multi-layered story, gamers can keep playing to improve their run times and scores. The seed-based generation system also allows sleuths to share and compare stats with friends across all platforms.

D’Avekki Studios director Tim Cowles said, “Creating a 3D FMV adventure game has been a whole new world for us and the most fun to make and play so far. It’s something we’ve wanted to do ever since playing Phantasmagoria and Under A Killing Moon back in the ‘90s and I’m grateful that tools like Unity have allowed our tiny team to level up!”

Murderous Muses launches simultaneously on Steam (PC/Mac/Steam Deck), Xbox One/Series, Playstation 4/5 and will be priced at $13.99.

Murderous Muses is the 4th game from D’Avekki Studios, creators of The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker, The Shapeshifting Detective and Dark Nights with Poe and Munro. Blending FMV with a procedurally generated 3D gallery, Murderous Muses is a supernatural murder mystery that’s infinitely replayable.

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