D-Link Making Gaming Routers

Ubicom, Inc., a leading provider of communications processor and software solutions, today announced that D-Link selected Ubicom's StreamEngine technology as a building block to help power D-Link GameFuelTM in the company's new GamerLoungeTM Gaming Routers. StreamEngine technology automatically identifies and prioritizes delay-sensitive network traffic like gaming, Voice over IP (VoIP) and Instant Messaging (IM) to provide a superior user experience. Online gamers gain a competitive edge over their peers through improved game responsiveness and the reduction of "game lag", as well as enhanced quality of in-game chat.

Announced on December 8, the GamerLounge routers are available now through authorized retail, reseller and distribution partners at an MSRP of $179.99 for the DGL-4300 and $149.99 for the DGL-4100.

"Ubicom's StreamEngine technology automatically detects, prioritizes and manages network traffic to reduce "lag" from online game-play", said David Somo, vice president of marketing for Ubicom. "D-Link's GamerLounge routers employ StreamEngine to enable a smooth and highly responsive arcade-quality gaming experience. We're excited about partnering with D-Link to pioneer a revolution in online gaming."

"The popularity of mainstream online gaming is exploding with the proliferation of broadband internet access", said Brian Larsen, director of product management for D-Link. "D-Link's new GamerLounge routers deliver the ultimate online gaming experience through the fusion of GameFuel, which incorporates Ubicom's StreamEngine technology, Gigabit Ethernet and 108Mbps WLAN connectivity. D-Link is pleased to partner with Ubicom to provide a new class of routers specifically designed for online gaming enthusiasts."

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