City Of Heroes Offers Power Customization

NCsoft, the premier publisher and developer of online computer games, and Paragon Studios, home of the longest-running comic book inspired massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, City of Heroes, today announced the launch of Issue 16: Power Spectrum.

The cornerstone of Issue 16: Power Spectrum is Powers Customization, the most player-requested feature since the game's launch. Powers Customization and other features launched in its five-year history, including the revolutionary Mission Architect user-generated content system, make City of Heroes the most flexible and customizable MMO available today.

Powers Customization enables players to customize the look of the powers their in-game hero and villain avatars use by allowing them to specify the color and hues of the powers' special effects. In addition, Issue 16: Power Spectrum reveals major refinements to the game's lauded character creator to allow players unprecedented levels of personal customization options in an easy to navigate interface. Other features in this update include more difficulty options, allowing players to tailor their combat experience for each play session; more powersets available to more archetypes and enhancements to the game's Side-Kicking system, dubbed "Super Side-kicking," which enables new players to fight alongside veteran players and hold their own.

"We are thrilled to be able to deliver yet another major player-requested feature with Power Spectrum," said Matt Miller, Senior Lead Designer for the City of Heroes franchise. "We aim to build the most customizable gameplay experience in any MMO for our players. Adding Powers Customization to our genre-defining character creator, as well as user-generated content through Mission Architect, shows we are willing and able to give our players what they want."

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