Call Of Juarez Site Goes Live

Techland announced today that an official teaser site for its epic adventure western themed FPP game Call of Juarez is live at

The site gives fans a taste for the game’s atmosphere, explores the game’s details and gathers new screens and gameplay movies. Gamers will be given inside information about the development progress and progressively revealed new game features. Once you explore the content of the new teaser website, be sure to sign up for a newsletter!

In Call of Juarez players will alternatively assume the roles of two distinct, antagonistic characters – the chaser and the runaway, the hunter and the game.

The brawler Billy, called the Candle because of his characteristic medallion, runs away from home after another fight with his hated stepfather Thomas. After two years of wandering around the world, Billy decides to go back to his home, located near the town Hope.

On the day Billy comes back to the town shots are heard on his parents' farm. At that time Billy’s stepfather’s brother, reverend Ray but former gunfighter, is on his way to the farm. The vicar learned about the shots in the area of Thomas’ house from one of town occupants. Once he gets to the location, he spots the dead maltreated bodies, the boy holding a bloodstained whip and a sign on the wall written with blood that reads – ‘Call of Juarez.’.

Billy, petrified to see the reverend, runs away. Ray, mindful of constant struggles between the stepson and the stepfather, assumes that the raging boy killed his parents. The reverend swears to take revenge, and sets to chase the murderer and do justice on his own… just like he used to do back in the day, when he was a gunman.

About Call of Juarez

Call of Juarez is an epic adventure western themed FPP game. The game features fast paced revolver duels using historically accurate firearms, horseback riding, mounted combat and stealth actions in memorable locations set after Western movies. Emergent gameplay based on accurate simulation of not only rigid bodies and rag-dolls but also liquids, gases, fire and smoke makes the gameplay innovative and non-linear.

The plot exploits emotional and psychological aspect of the link between the two main characters, runaway agile and smart Billy who tends to avoid direct combat and Reverend Ray – strong and ruthless gunman bringing God's Justice to lawless and brutal world of 19th century's USA and Mexico borderland.

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