Call Of Duty Wins Game Of The Year

In a not-so-shocking twist of events, Call of Duty Black Ops II walks away with the GiN Game Of The Year title. Call Of Duty has recently been a shoo in unless a title of epic proportions such as Skyrim was present.

As in previous years, over 100,000 GiN readers cast their ballots in the nomination and final voting phase.

Last year, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was able to capture the spot for best shooter, but failed to crack the biggest prize, the overall game of the year. Skyrim blocked it’s path, winning an unprecedented seven awards overall. In 2010, the original Black Ops won best shooter of the year, but Red Dead Redemption took the top prize. You have to go all the way back to 2009, when Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2
won the top Game of Year slot to find another CoD as the top winner. So 2012 could be considered a return to Call of Duty glory, or its full glory anyway. Congratulations to Activision and Treyarch for a job well done.

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