C.O.R.E. Comes To DS

No Way Studios are pleased to unveil the latest video from their forthcoming debut game entitled C.O.R.E. focusing on the unique features that are contained within game and the engine.

"We wanted to show gamers the diverse yet classic features that C.O.R.E. contains, including the number of enemies, weapons and environments, and the many interactive objects that really add to the immersive experience" comments Krzysztof Murzyn Marketing Manager, NoWay Studio. "The C.O.R.E. engine really pushes the boundaries of what is possible on the Nintendo DS handset, and we believe that gamers will fully appreciate and enjoy the efforts that have been invested."

C.O.R.E. is a dynamic fast paced action first-person shooter for Nintendo DS. The plot-line revolves around a meteor crash and its consequences. The footage is a mixture of the game intro movie and in-game footage.

For the last 11 months, the team have been stiriving to push the limits of the Nintendo DS with full 3D visuals. This "next generation" title is set to bring the gaming experience of the FPS on a handheld – previously only matched on a PC. In addition, they have created levels which are not linear, resulting in several possible scenarios to complete the quests (introduced by in-game movies, some of which will be presented in 3d).

As a marine, you are sent in with a secret mission into the lab complex built on the meteor crash site. You will travel through different locations – first on the ground, then deeper underground (security rooms, living sectors, offices, labs, stock rooms, headquarters), then even deeper into the meteor rock. Your aim: to discover mysteries about the meteor by solving quests. The final quest comes deep down underneath the earth, where the biggest secret is hidden. Only you can survive this task and protect mankind.

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