Bypass The Console War With Gaming Laptops

The next chapter in the never-ending console war has begun, with the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 now on the market.

We have already looked at both sides of the battlefield with Chella’s buyer’s guide of the two new consoles, but how about if you want to fly the white flag and avoid the technological conflict altogether?

A great alternative is by purchasing a gaming laptop, giving you access to top-quality video games that are available to play wherever you are. Here are a few reasons why we feel you will be happy with your investment:

1. Portable gaming done right

One of the main advantages of a gaming laptop is that you can power it up whether you are sitting at home, on a commute to work or on holiday.

This benefit really comes into its own when it comes to multiplayer gaming. Just like you feel comfortable playing a console with your cherished pad, your confidence is sure to grow at a tournament if you have your own laptop to showcase your skills.

2. Power that lasts the distance

There was a time when you would be lucky to get an hour of charge out of a laptop before its battery light began to flash and you had to search frantically for a plug socket. No longer is this the case – gaming laptops are designed to conserve power, no matter what you are playing.

The Optimus V X15 gaming laptop is a great example when showcasing how far technology has come along. Despite having to power a display resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a state-of-the-art Intel HD Graphics 4000 card, its battery can keep on going for five-and-a-half hours.

Plus, the Optimus V X15 is one of a select few gaming laptops currently being sold at with Grid 2 thrown in free of charge. Bonus!

3. The choice of games

You are sure to find a title that will see you pass away the hours on a gaming laptop. Those hoping for multiplayer mayhem have Battlefield 4, while football fans can demonstrate what they would be like on the touchline with Football Manager 2014.

There are also vast worlds to discover on the go – Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and The Elder Scrolls Anthology both have awe-inspiring virtual lands just waiting to be explored – as well as race around if you pick up Need For Speed: Rivals.

Console wars? What are they good for when you have a gaming laptop?!

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