Burn Notice Show Driving Game

USA continues to deliver the best in television with its critically acclaimed hits. Thursday night's episode of BURN NOTICE will truly illustrate how the network has taken its brands and given them new life online. Through COVERT OPS, an alternate reality game (www.burnnoticeops.com) themed to the #1 scripted series, fans can be a part of the TV drama through action-packed online game-play. Each week, these new missions will test the skill of BURN NOTICE fan(atics) and provide an extension of the story. The players who complete all seven missions are eligible to win a deluxe home entertainment system.

Tomorrow's mission will feature recurring BURN NOTICE character Seymour (Silas Weir Mitchell) in his quest to help Michael and Fiona track down an explosives expert. The story won't stop there for brave fans who choose to continue the mission with Seymour online.

As you may have heard, our season two premiere episode of BURN NOTICE broke records with a total of 5.12 million viewers! Don't miss out on another new episode"after all, we don't want you to feel left out when you can't contribute to the morning watercooler chat.

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