Bulbs 2 Launches For Mobile Gamers

Bulbs 2.0 is launching today on the App Store and Google Play.

Featuring deceptively simple gameplay, this charming puzzle game invites you to mix different colors to eventually bathe the whole board with white light. Red plus blue makes purple, blue plus yellow makes green – and white contains every color.

In Bulbs 2.0, the board is filled with colored bulbs that will invert their specific shade of light within their own cells – along with the surrounding eight cells. If you “reverse” a red bulb, a neighboring blue one will change to purple. Any nearby purple ones? Those will swap back to blue. Your goal is straightforward, but challenging: Swap the colors until the entire board is white!

With a limited number of moves and more than 60 levels of varying size, Bulbs 2.0 is the perfect delivery method for the ever satisfying art of color mixing.

“Bulbs 2.0 has an interesting origin story. I was trying to reduce the number of assets for a game I was working on by making it greyscale and assigning a color programmatically. The problem was not with assigning the color, but with making the end color (the one created from the grey image and the added color) actually match the result we wanted to see onscreen. This made me wonder whether it was possible to make the task of mixing colors into a puzzle game. Bulbs 2.0 is the end result!” said Marina Makarevskaya, Director and Designer of Error300 Games.

Bulbs 2.0 is now available on iOS and Android. The base game is FREE and includes the first 60 levels. Another two batches with 60 levels each can be unlocked with in-app purchases.

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