Buka makes Italian Deal

Buka Entertainment, one of the leading publishers in Russia, is pleased to announce that it has inked a contract with Bryo, one of the well-known PC games publishers in Italy.

Bryo selected The Entente (the Italian name – "la Grande Guerra") for their X-mas 2004 line-up. Thus on 20th November the Italian-speaking gamers will be able to buy Buka's WW1 game in Italy, Vatican, San-Marino, and canton Ticino.

Bryo's Managing Director Pietro Montelatici stressed that "the game has certain mass market appeal and that it perfectly fits Bryo's wide distribution network that covers more then 25.000 retailers and kiosks."

"We are confident that the game will replicate the success it already had in Russia,"added Pietro Montelatici.

"We are very enthusiastic about our cooperation with Bryo," commented Oksana Vovk, International Sales Manager for Buka. "Bryo is a serious publisher and we like the way they do their job. We’re sure they will bring "la Grande Guerra" to the Italian gamers in the best possible way."

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