Bonus Tips for Bingo Players


Among the world’s most popular online games is Bingo, a game that has been played in many variations worldwide to much success. Large numbers of people play online bingo each year, a testament to the great amount of fun the online game brings. Regardless of if you are a new player or an experienced one, read on for some helpful tips you should know. 

Play Only On Reputable Sites

Being one of the markets which have experienced exponential growth in recent years, numerous new gambling companies have been sprouting out like mushrooms after the rain within the online gaming industry. Not all of these new companies are reputable. Keep this in mind when you play, and stick to reputable sites which allow for safe and legal play. It is a good idea to read up reviews of each site to help you identify the ones with a good reputation amongst players. If you need a recommendation, you can visit this reputable review site where you can claim a bonus for free.

Opt For a Trial on Your Site of Choice

Before putting in large sums of money, it is probably worthwhile to trial the game to see if it is indeed something you enjoy. After all, there’s no point in investing time and effort in something you don’t! Certain gambling sites will allow low stake games, which can be used as a trial for new players. Head over to Paddy Power where new games frequently come up, and players can easily room hop to find one which suits them. Stakes start from just 2 cents, making it a very low barrier to entry and hence, an ideal place to trial a game of bingo. 

Be Familiar With The Rules of The Game

Bingo of yesteryear might have had players standing out and shouting for attention if they had a card that won. This is no longer the case nowadays with online bingo, but players still need to be aware of the rules and how the gameplay goes. With multiple variations of bingo available, be clear of the rules governing your chosen variation before gameplay starts. 

Choose Unpopular Hours to Play

On certain sites, you are being pitted against other players who are synchronously online at the same time you are. What this translates to is that popular times mean you are being pitted against more players, hence lowering your chance at becoming the winner. By choosing an unpopular time such as the wee hours of the morning or in the mid-afternoon when most people are likely to be busy, the site could be experiencing lower traffic, hence giving you a higher chance of becoming the winner! Keep this in mind if you find yourself always losing. 

Be Sociable

Are you an introvert? Well, that’s one less thing you have to worry about when playing online bingo, compared to a real-life game at a town hall or pub. Many bingo sites allow players to chat via a chat room function. Though this doesn’t do much to help you win, some sites do have smaller prizes up for the taking in the chat room. Never pass up a chance at winning even the smaller prizes! 

Not feeling chatty? Just keep an eye on the chat nonetheless, as the chat moderator might announce prizes or small games open to players who are present. 

Or Perhaps Not

If you really don’t feel like being sociable, there’s no need to worry! The culture of each online bingo site varies, and there are sites with a rich interactive chat experience, as well as relatively quieter sites. 

Having different cultures also means that the types of players on each site do differ slightly. Have a browse around to find a site that suits your level of socialness. 

Know What is at Stake

As a general rule of thumb, the prize to be won depends on the cost per bingo card and the number of players in that game. Higher card prices usually translate to higher payouts. 

Further, some sites also offer prizes on top of the standard payout. These may include jackpots and extra prizes on specific games or tournaments. An interesting one would be a progressive jackpot, where a player must cover a preset pattern within a specific number of calls. If no one wins, then the prize is snowballed over to the next game, continuing to grow until a winner is found. This is a good chance to win a large prize! 

Be Aware of the Payment Methods

Many of the larger bingo sites have attractive promotions and sign-up bonuses. There may also be referral rewards as well as account top-up rewards. Shop around for the most attractive offer, but do remember to thoroughly read through the terms and conditions. Most of the time, the promotions let you “play with the house’s money”, but restrict your cash withdrawals by needing you to meet various terms before a withdrawal is allowed. 

Another important thing to ponder about is the options available to fund your account. With the world going cashless, many sites nowadays also allow you to top up your account using credit cards or online payment methods such as Cashapp, Paypal, or Venmo. For players who are more traditional, they may wish to find a site that accepts cash top-ups. Regardless of which option you prefer, there is surely a site that works for you. 

Prior to making a deposit, always make sure you are clear on the site’s terms and conditions of winnings withdrawal. Some sites may be more restrictive than others, so do keep this in mind if you are planning to play and win big.


As with any new endeavor, you should take it slow if this is your first time at online bingo. Give yourself some time to assimilate into the new conditions by using the prompts and automatic hints. Start in a game with a low barrier to entry and don’t be overly ambitious by playing more cards at once than you can handle. Start with just one or two and work your way up from there. Have questions? Feel free to ask away as most veteran players won’t mind sharing a tip or two with newbies! 

Lastly, don’t get too concerned with theories or strategies to win from the onset. Just focus on having fun!

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