Blitz Games Enters Mac Market

Blitz 1UP, an initiative run by UK developer Blitz Games Studios, announces the release of KrissX for the Mac, now available on Steam. The Mac version of KrissX, developed by Regolith Games, joins other releases by Blitz on Steam, including; Fluttabyes, Mole Control, Droplitz and Buccaneer. This is the first game released by Blitz Games Studios for Mac, with more to follow soon.

In KrissX, players must help Wordsworth the Owl on his mission to solve jumbled word puzzles by following clues and swapping letters around. With over 3,500 words to unscramble and a variety of game styles including Quests, Time Attack Mode and Timeless Play, there is endless replay value.

Decipher brainteasers and test your trivia knowledge with a host of great features:

Intuitive and instant pick up and play appeal with uncomplicated controls provides an interactive and fun gaming experience for players of all ages

150 vibrant levels to master at your own pace in Quest Mode

Time Attack mode where your challenge is to beat the clock

Huge numbers of bonuses to unlock to complete your collection of badges

The option to challenge family and friends with puzzles of your own creation

Unique puzzles every time you play – never play the same game twice.

"We’re very supportive of Steam’s move to support Mac games on their platform, and are therefore very excited to have KrissX as one of the launch titles," says Blitz 1UP’s Business Development Director, Chris Swan.

Adds Regolith Games’ Andrew Docking: "The Mac is a great platform for games and it’s fantastic to see Steam – a world-beating games service – come to Mac. I’m thrilled that we can support it by launching KrissX on the service."

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