Blaze Announces Netbook For Kids


While the Government quibble where to make the next cuts in education, BLAZE have made cuts of their own by announcing their "Chie for Children" netbook. This amazingly cheap netbook is aimed at helping to provide our children with a head start in the necessary computer skills, that are essential in today’s world of IT and computing.

The Chie Netbook is a stylish, budget, netbook PC, designed especially for 6 to 14 year olds. The netbook has a full Qwerty keyboard and trackpad mouse, exactly like the ones you would find on larger laptop computers.

Unlike previous children’s "computers," this netbook computer is "grown up." It incorporates a full mobile version of Windows CE, allowing your children to become familiar with a light version of the world’s most popular operating system.

Typing skills and mouse movement will quickly become second nature as your child creates letters and simple projects using the included software, all the while (if you allow them to) taking their research from the biggest and most useful resource on the planet today, the world wide web.

This child’s netbook comes with the ability to connect wirelessly to your existing broadband connection, instantly opening up a whole new world of information and knowledge. Your children can in turn, gain that extra advantage when completing their school work or other extra-curricular activities.

When all their homework is done, the Chie netbook can also act as a simple, multimedia entertainment solution, allowing playback of your children’s favourite music and photos. Also included is a version of Microsoft Messenger, allowing your children to chat with friends in the same way they would on your main PC.

Although not as fast or feature packed as a netbook costing many hundreds of pounds more, this children’s netbook is designed to perfectly to function as a second or even third PC in the home, allowing your children to experience the benefits of learning in a Microsoft Windows based environment, whilst keeping the main PC free for us parents!

To be clear, this children’s netbook is aimed at children and therefore will obviously never be as fast and feature rich as the larger and more expensive machines you may be used to in the home and office. That said, although aimed at 6 – 14 year olds, you may find yourself "borrowing" the Chie for your own use from time to time, giving you access to your emails, creating documents and browsing the internet, checking sports scores, and many other tasks, all from a lightweight, superbly stylish netbook that easily fits inside a handbag.

Explains Jason Cooper, Managing Director of Blaze Europe: "We’ve been in the consumer electronics sector for over 20 years and as soon as we saw the Chie Netbook, we knew it had an important part to play in the UK computer market.

"Like most households in the UK, my family has a main computer that I tend to use for work. My wife and children, on the other hand, want to use it either for browsing the internet, doing homework or emailing. This results in a constant battle as to who should get priority on it – and it is usually not me!"

Continues Jason: "This led to me to look to Japanese and other Asian markets, usually home to the latest technology trends, and understand how computer use is changing over there. I was amazed to discover the Chie Netbook as the solution. Although, I must stress, it is not appropriate for heavy business or gaming use, it is spot on for anyone wanting to browse the internet, children doing their homework and generally keeping in touch with friends and family via email, MSN messaging and mobile Facebook.

"Selling at £99 means the Chie Netbook is the most competitively priced, quality Netbook available in the UK today. And that is simply our aim – to combine the latest features, with superb design to deliver a low cost Netbook, all for under £100".

The Chie netbook has been designed not to be compatible with Flash based websites, keeping your children away from using it as just another "games machine". This ensures it is used to its full potential, as a tool to give them a big advantage with school work and an all important introduction into the technology they will be using throughout their whole lives.

The Chie for Children netbook is available now from at the groundbreaking price of £99, a very small investment to give your children a head start in the world of computing. Now with free delivery!

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