BitCake Studio’s First Demo for Atomic Picnic Shooter Released

Brazilian developer BitCake Studio has released the first Steam Demo for Atomic Picnic. It was also featured in the Steam Next Fest.

In Atomic Picnic, up to 4 players can together fight hordes of monsters, gain experience to upgrade their weapons, and create the best build possible to survive. Every Picnic is different, each containing a variety of upgrades that can radically change the way you play.

Atomic Picnic features a Survivors mode where up to 4 players survive non-stop waves of enemies in a 3D Third-Person Perspective, with fast-paced gameplay that completely subverts this nascent genre.

Every player counts with a unique movement mechanic, the AIR GEAR: a grappling-hook-like ability that can be used to jump super high or dash around.

With very dynamic and verticalized combat, Atomic Picnic provides non-stop action with the possibility for highly skilled players to learn the game and try their best.

The first demo of Atomic Picnic is already available on Steam, and was featured in the Steam Next Fest.

Play it now on Steam. Just remember that the game is under development, and the devs are constantly making updates and posting their progress on the BitCake Studio Discord server.

Gameplay Features

• Third-person shooter action with anime-inspired graphics

• A variety of weapons and upgrades: each decision can lead to a different build

• Play alone or in online co-op for up to four players

• Dynamic movement with a lot of verticalities: become an expert with the AIR GEAR to reach high places
so players can escape foes

• Survive an ocean made of enemies: every second that passes, more enemies appear around players becoming stronger and stronger

About BitCake Studio

BitCake Studio is a game development company that started in Rio de Janeiro and has people from all over Brazil and even abroad. The BitCake team specializes in action and multiplayer games and has released games for PC/Steam, Mobile, Browsers and Consoles.

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