With two guns plus shoe guns, Bayonetta is dressed for any occasion.

Bayonetta’s very special fan: LadyGaga

During last year’s Game Awards, Nintendo America’s President, the much-loved Reginald Fils-Aime, officially announced that Bayonetta 3 was under production in the studios of Japanese Platinum Games and that the video game would be an exclusive release for Nintendo Switch.

However, from that moment we literally lost track of the third chapter of our beloved series. I wonder if we should study the best strategy in roulette to understand when we can finally discover something more about Bayonetta 3. While there are many fans who are waiting for more news, a few days ago we found out that even Lady Gaga has been showing appreciation for the series.

Directly from her official Twitter account, the famous singer and actress described herself as a secret videogamer, using the hashtag “#gamergirl”. All of this was precisely about Bayonetta, as she wrote: “When you beat Chapter IV of Bayonetta and then realize Chapter V is going to kick your ass”. Nintendo America didn’t miss the opportunity and immediately retweeted Lady Gaga with immense pleasure. Lady Gaga is a truly multifaceted character who in recent months has shone especially thanks to her success in movie theaters with the film A Star Is Born, and now we also discover she is a video gamer!

About Bayonetta 3, the limited information available dates back to last May, when Platinum Games managers Hideki Kamiya and Atsushi Inaba stated in an interview that the game “Is progressing steadily. It’s difficult to say, but it is continuing. This time around, the development process is slightly different.” When they replied about what was different in the development process, Inaba didn’t add much more: “There’s not much we can say at all, but there’s a lot of surprises left in store for the game. Things outside of expectations.”

It’s obvious that these statements further increase the excitement about a title that was already highly anticipated. Also for this reason, many had predicted that we would know and see much more about it during the last E3 in Los Angeles in June but hopes have been shattered.

We’d like to remind that although the Bayonetta saga has now been “adopted” by Nintendo, it was actually born in 2009. SEGA initially published the game on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, then came the portings for PC (in digital on Steam), Nintendo Wii-U and more recently also on Switch.

Bayonetta 2 arrived in 2014 as an exclusive for Wii-U and then returned to Switch with a remastered version at the beginning of this year. Now we are all waiting to know when the third installment of the saga will come out.

But who is Bayonetta? It’s a mysterious and decidedly sexy witch, who awakened in the modern world after a centuries-old sleep without memories of her past. Later it turns out that she was born from a relationship between a witch named Rosa and the Lumen Sage, Father Balder. After her mother was imprisoned and her father exiled, she was trained in the dark arts by the Umbra Witches, although they saw her as the clan’s “black sheep.”

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