Base and Deckbuilding Dwarven Skykeep Lands on Steam

Publisher Ravenage Games and Developer Hack The Publisher have announced that humorous pixel art base builder Dwarven Skykeep is now available on PC via Steam. Save 15% on the title for a limited time during launch week,

In Dwarven Skykeep, would-be wizards step into the shoes of Dr. Sevendar Kness, a master of card magic and the leading expert in the construction of block towers. Dr. Kness arrives in Dwarven City on a mysterious mission. Join him on his quest to build the most powerful card deck The Nameless Kingdom has ever known, then raise enormous towers as a testament to your might and magic.

Build, upgrade and defend your towers with the help of faithful dwarves and gnomes. Small and personable yet surprisingly useful, command your miniature army to create, repair and renovate. Toss your minions into fires and sword fights, or have them scavenge for resources. They’ll do almost anything you say.

Explore five distinct worlds, each with its own clever gameplay mechanics and dastardly challenges. Heat up your tower in the Winter World, drive a train full steam ahead in a vast desert, keep your spire afloat among the clouds, and return the sun to its rightful place in the sky while dashing through the Shadow World. Remember that nothing is impossible, especially on your ninth try.

Cross paths with dozens of charismatic and psychotic characters, monsters and bosses on your adventure. Meet Ghyrka Yo, the talented goblin inventor hellbent on toppling everything you build. Get to know the ill-tempered Snow Queen, a royal with a penchant for freezing anything she displeases. Cunning thieves will visit you often, looking for new cards to add to their collections. There’s also Dr. Kness’ old friend, the Nomadic Witch Irinia…but we won’t get into that here.

Dwarven Skykeep will keep you entertained as you progress through five different worlds, which require special abilities to help you complete your tower building skills. Beware of very dark and sometimes spooky Shadow World. Encounter new skeletons enemies. They are quite strong in hand-to-hand combat and can bring trouble to you plans.

In addition, players will be able to use 6 different types of battle spells – fireball, lighting, fire, explosion, ray, and confusion. Fireball and explosion effectively kill enemies, but ray does it even if they are inside the tower without destroying rooms. Find out tons of other mechanics while completing tasks!

“Dwarven Skykeep is a unique combination of base builder, deckbuilder, strategy game, resource manager and more, all presented with a pixel art style and plenty of laughs at every turn,” says Chief Dwarf Manager at Hack The Publisher. “It’s a funny yet respectful experience that’ll keep players on their toes throughout the journey, be it the gameplay or the witty one-liners. We’re excited to finally share our passion project with the world today and can’t wait to witness the tremendous towers people will build as proof of their immortal, magical legacy.”

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