Bananagrams Game Added To Facebook

Majesco Entertainment Company (NASDAQ: COOL), an innovative provider of video games for the mass market, today announced that the popular anagram game, Bananagrams, will be available August 18 as a free Facebook Application. Developed by Large Animal Games, Bananagrams ignores all the rules of traditional board games in favor of an every-player-for-themselves approach that delivers lightning-fast puzzle play guaranteed to get the mind moving and drive players "bananas."

"Casual gaming applications have exploded on social networking sites like Facebook and Bananagrams is an ideal fit for the demographic," said Gui Karyo, Executive Vice President of Operations, Majesco." With its fast-paced action and addictive but simple gameplay, we believe this game has potential to become one of the most popular gaming applications on the site."

The object of Bananagrams is to create as many words as quickly as possible from an initial batch of selected tiles. Unlike other turn-based games, Bananagrams has players simultaneously playing to form interconnected words. Once the tile pile is depleted, the player who is able to use all of his or her tiles first wins.

Facebook users will have the option to play alone or online against up to four or eight friends. The game will offer two single player modes – Banana Solitaire and Single Player Banana Café – in which players compete in a timed race to place letters in order to beat their own or their friends' best times. After honing their anagramming skills in the single player modes, Facebookers will be able to compete against friends in one of two multiplayer modes — the Classic Multiplayer Game, with up to four players, or the Banana Café, where they can race against time and up to seven other players to take first place! All game modes will let players chat online during gameplay and compare their results against each other via the Bananagrams Leaderboard.

Bananagrams will be available August 18 as a free Facebook Application. After the initial launch, new features will be introduced on a regular basis. For additional information about Majesco's exciting line of products, please visit:

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